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Danske Research

The latest economic news from Danske Research 
Northern Bank Limited trading as Danske Bank (the Bank) is part of the Danske Bank Group. As our customer you can access the Danske Bank A/S' Research website. This website features analysis of the macroeconomic developments and trends in the financial markets. 

The Danske Research website​ contains a selection of publications, research notes and other materials, which are only suitable for investment professionals. A more extensive selection of publications is available to the Group's major corporate and institutional clients on the password-protected Danske Research website. These publications include quantitative research, credit risk analysis, and market and financial strategies. ​

Important information 
These publications have been prepared by Danske Bank A/S for information purposes only. They do not constitute an offer or solicitation of any offer to purchase or sell any securities, currency or financial instrument. The evaluations, calculations, opinions and recommendations of the publications should not replace the making of own opinions about whether to make any such transaction. Whilst reasonable care has been taken to ensure that their contents are not untrue or misleading, no representation is made as to their accuracy or completeness and no liability is accepted for any loss arising from reliance on them. 

Danske Bank A/S, its affiliates or staff may perform business services, hold, establish, change or cease to hold positions in any securities, currency or financial instrument mentioned in the publications. 

Additional and/or updated information is available from Danske Bank A/S.
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