Use of cookies on Danske Bank websites & online services

We use cookies on our websites, in eBanking, Chat, Business eBanking and Danske Bank apps.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to your device when you visit our online services.

Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user's device. Cookies do lots of different jobs, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and generally improve the user experience.


  1. For online security (session)
    For security reasons Danske Bank uses session cookies in the online channels. These cookies are used to transport system data between the client and server. Session cookies are not used in any way to track the user, but are entirely a technical facility to transport system data.

    Session cookies are locked down by various means so they only can be transported over Secure Socket Layer and cannot be accessed by code on the client side. In addition session cookies are deleted on devices when the browser is closed.

    These cookie types do not contain personally identifiable information.

  2. For statistical collection (session & persistent)
    In order to improve our online services, we use various cookies to gather broad information on usage patterns such as:
    • which pages users have looked at and when
    • what browser users have
    • what screen resolution is used
    • which operating system is used
    • which website users visited immediately prior to ours
    • what java version users have

    This information is then used by us to improve / optimise our online services for you.  

    These types of cookies do not contain personally identifiable information.

Types of cookies

Session:   these only have a lifespan for the duration that the browser is open and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.
Persistent:   these cookies have a lifespan for a set amount of time and will remain on your device until that time - unless deleted by you.
​Electronic Mailbox – eBoks (3rd party cookie) ​ Danske Bank uses eBoks as its provider for the Electronic Mailbox within eBanking, Mobile App and Tablet App. 
Danske Bank uses both types of cookies throughout its online services. 
Neither types of these cookies contain any personally identifiable information.

Cookies used in delivery of Danske Bank online services


Name Type Where Why Classification*
s_cc Session  Global Site Catalyst cookie Cat. 2 - operations
s_sq Session  Global As above As above
s_sv_sid Session  Global As above As above
s_vi Persistent Global As above As above
BrowserDetectCookieTest Persistent Local Check whether the computer is ready to run eBanking Cat. 1 – needed for functionality
PopupShown Persistent Global Count the number of pop-ups shown As above
CustomerSegment Persistent  Global Remember segment (personal or business) As above
QST (3rd party cookie) Persistent  Local User survey Cat. 1 – needed for functionality
QSI_HistorySession Session Local User survey As above
QSI_SI__intercept Persistent Local User survey As above
eBoks. ASP.NET_SessionId Session Local Security As above
eBoks.ticket Session Local Security As above
eBoks.uiculture Session Local Remember language As above
eBoks.vad Session Local Remember view settings As above
eBoks.vpm Session Local As above As above
eBoks.vsp Session Local As above As above
C Persistent Local Marketing Cat. 2 - operations
cid Persistent Local Marketing Cat. 2 - operations
uid Persistent Local Marketing Cat. 2 - operations
CookiesOn Persistent Global To check whether cookies have been accepted or not Cat. 1 – needed for functionality
mbox Persistent Local Improvement of content Cat. 2 – operations

* Classification as per ICC UK Cookie guide *


Statistics - Adobe Analytics
Danske Bank uses Adobe Analytics. This is a statistical tool for performing statistical analyses. Adobe privacy policy is outlined here *.

User Survey – Qualtrics (QST 3rd party cookie)
Danske Bank uses ResearchSuite and SiteIntercept from Qualtrics. These tools are used for user surveys. The Qualtrics privacy policy is outlined here *.

Marketing (third-party cookie): We use these cookies to monitor use across multiple pages. We may use them to build profiles that show searches made or pages visited. Anonymous data may be shared with third parties.

Improvement of content: These cookies enable us to show the content that is most relevant to our visitors.

How to control / delete / disable cookies

You can refuse to use cookies on your computer by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser.

Please Note: Without cookies enabled, certain functionalities throughout our online services may be limited / not possible. You cannot use solutions such as eBanking, Business eBanking and Danske Bank apps without session cookies.

For more information on how to control/delete/disable cookies this please visit *


​​Notice for users

The first time you visit one of our websites, you will see an information box at the top of the page with a message about the use of cookies. You will automatically accept the use of cookies by proceeding through the site from the first page. We will set a cookie on your computer to remember your acceptance. This cookie makes sure that we do not have to notify you at your next visit.

If you do not want to use cookies, simply choose the No To Cookies option. We will set a cookie to remember your choice, and no cookies will be used at your next visit.

If you want to revoke your acceptance or cancel your rejection of cookies, you need to delete the cookies stored on your computer. At your next visit, you will be able to accept the use of cookies or revoke your acceptance again.

If you want to avoid cookies at all, you need to disable cookies in your browser. However, disabling cookies will make it impossible for you to log on or use other functions that require that the individual websites can remember your choices.


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