Service Status

Service Status

Email and Virus Attacks 

We would like to warn you about a number of methods currently being used by criminals trying to fraudulently gain access to online banking systems through use of malware.

Fraudulent Email in Circulation 

We are aware that there is a fraudulent email in circulation claiming to be from Danske Bank. This email carries the subject title "Danske Bank potentially fraudulent transaction". 

Please note that this email is NOT from Danske Bank, should not be opened and should be deleted immediately. 

This email is known to carry a virus and if you have opened the email we recommend you have your computer professionally examined. 

Danske Bank will never contact you by email in this manner. 

Virus Attacks 

Malware, short for malicious software, is any software used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems and online banking systems. 

Typically, malware containing a virus is contained in a bogus email which, if opened, can install itself on the recipient’s computer. The malware can then spread as more bogus emails are generated to all contacts in the recipient’s contact list. 

The aim of the malware is to enable the criminal to gain knowledge of your Business eBanking log on details which consist of a User ID, personal security password and the security code which is generated by your eSafeID device. 

The malware will also seek to find out the log on details of other Users within your business, particularly if you have set up your Business eBanking User Authorisations so that payments leaving your account require the log on details of more than one person (for example: two users required to approve payments). 

How will you know if you have been affected by Malware? 

If your system has been effected by malware, the usual experience you have whilst logging on to Business eBanking will change and will be something similar to the steps outlined below:
  • You enter all Log on details and receive a pop-up message telling you that there is a problem with your log on 
  • The pop up message will ask you to get another Business eBanking User to come to your computer to enter their log on details

  • Or 

  • The pop up message might invite you to call a customer services number for support (this will be a bogus number and you will speak to a very convincing fraudster who will ask you to take further actions)
  • Instead of a pop up message the usual customer services number on the screen might be masked by a bogus number 
​Actions you can take to protect yourself 
  • Ensure that your anti-virus and firewall protection is updated regularly on your systems 
  • Ensure that anyone using your systems are aware of the dangers of opening unsolicited emails 
  • If you experience problems logging on to Business eBanking, close your attempted session down and contact the Customer Support Team on 028 90 311377*. Take a note of this number in case you need to use this again. 
  • Never ask another User to enter their Business eBanking log on details on the same PC/system if you are having difficulties logging on
  • Share this information with anyone using your system, PC or Business eBanking. 

*Lines open: 8am to 8pm Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am-8pm Sun (except on bank holidays or other holidays in Northern Ireland when the bank is not open for business).​
0345 6002 882

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