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Danske Bank places great importance on working closely with the communities that we serve. Our success depends on how well we can apply our professional knowledge and expertise. For that reason, we place knowledge at the core of our Corporate Responsibility work through our Financial Literacy and Education Investment Programme.

In particular, we demonstrate our commitment to sharing our knowledge by raising the level of financial literacy in our communities. Targeted at children, students and young families, the Financial Literacy and Education Programmes aim to prepare the ground for a healthy financial start to adult life.

"In a modern society, financial literacy is an important part of general education. We work with experts in the education field to ensure that our programmes really do help children and adolescents become better equipped to manage their own personal finances," says Simon Little, Head of Communications at Danske Bank. "Improving the financial skills and knowledge of money and personal finance among our children will ensure that they are better positioned for their own future in society."


Teaching children basic financial skills can help them become more responsible with money both now and into the future. As part of our initiatives to improve financial literacy amongst young people, Danske Bank Group has developed www.moneyville.co.uk external website, a fun, educational website and App. Through Moneyville, children of primary school age can learn about the value of money, about earning and saving, about prioritising their spending, and about making income and expenses balance. While playing, children complete various fun, educational tasks to earn money and make their own decisions about how they want to spend or save it. 

The Moneyville App is now available for free download from both the App Store and Google Play. The app also features, the Farm Game, which is designed to strengthen children's basic maths skills.

Danske Bank SMART Partnership

Danske Bank SMART Partnership is a financial literacy programme for post primary schools in Northern Ireland. The programme provides modules and resources to develop a rich partnership with a school and deliver meaningful and engaging finance education for students to prepare them for their financial future.

Using our expertise in banking and personal finance, we have devised a range of cross-curricular modules and resources that can be delivered in schools by our staff. Each module is designed to be as practical, useful and helpful to schools as possible. The modules cover the importance of budgeting and saving, how credit and debit cards work and the difference between buying and renting property.

For more information on how to register your school, please contact your local Danske Bank branch or visit: danskebanksmartpartnership.com.

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