MasterCard Corporate Classic

MasterCard Corporate Classic

Withdraw cash or make purchases at over 24 million locations worldwide​
  • Charge card and cash card in one
  • Danske 3D Secure
  • Access to Priceless Cities
  • £20 Annual Card fee applies

Benefits and Features


MasterCard Corporate Classic is a charge card that also lets you withdraw cash through any Cash Machine showing the MasterCard logo. You will pay fees for this and interest from the date your account is debited. An annual card fee applies for each card issued.

The account holder can set individual spending limits on each card for example to control employee expenses.

An itemised monthly statement is produced but you can also keep up to date with transactions in real time using Business eBanking*.

* Business eBanking may be temporarily unavailable when we are carrying out routine maintenance.

Danske 3D Secure

3D Secure adds an additional layer of security when shopping online at participating retailers through the requirement to enter a unique one-time passcode before purchases are transacted. With maximum security and minimal fuss, 3D Secure is convenient and free! For more information visit our 3D Secure page.

Priceless Cities

Priceless Cities is an exclusive offer just for MasterCard holders.

The programme gives you the chance to enjoy unique and exciting experiences with your MasterCard in major cities across the world, including London, Dublin, Moscow, Miami, Sydney and New York.

Priceless Cities also gives you access to offers on dining, entertainment, sports, travel, theatre and music.

For more information about offers and experience both home and abroad, visit www.priceless.comlink to external site

For further information please read our Terms and Conditions. If using your card for non-sterling transactions, please refer to

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Prices & Conditions


Information correct as at 19 March 2015.

For details of our interest rates, charges and other key product features see below:

SUMMARY BOX - MasterCard Corporate Classic
The information contained in this tabl​​e summarises key product features and is not intended to replace any terms and conditions

  • Representative 1.7% APR variable
Interest rates Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Purchases 2.20% 26.40%
Cash advances 2.20% 26.40%
Interest-free period
  • Maximum 38 days for purchases if you pay your balance in full and on time.
  • There is no interest free period on cash advances.
Interest charging information You will not pay interest on new purchases if you pay your balance in full and on time. Otherwise, the period over which interest is charged will be as follows:
From Until
Purchases The date for payment referred to in your monthly statement in which the transaction occurs Repaid in full
Cash advances The date your account is debited (this appears on your statement as the interest date) Repaid in full*
* If you pay the balance in full, the interest charge for the period from the previous statement to the date of full repayment will be debited the following month.
Allocation of payments

If you do not pay off your balance in full, we will allocate payments we receive to your account in the
following order:

  • Towards balances on which interest is charged at the Standard Rate;
  • Towards balances on which interest is charged at any rate which is less than the Standard Rate; and
  • Towards balances on which interest is charged at 0%.

See condition 3.6 of the terms and conditions that apply to your Agreement.

Minimum repayment
  • The full amount shown on your monthly statement must be repaid
Credit limit Minimum credit limit £500
Maximum credit limit Subject to status
  • Annual card fee of £20
Charges Cash Fee

2% with a £2 minimum
Maximum daily withdrawal limit at cash machines is £500 per day

Copies of statements £5 each
Copies of transactions vouchers £5 each
Emergency cards and emergency cash £20 (if you should ask us to issue an emergency card or emergency cash to you)
Foreign Usage Danske Bank Card Exchange Rate [UK] Rates can be found at
​One or more of the following may apply:
Non-Sterling Transaction Fee Non Sterling Transaction fee of 2.75%
Cash Fee* Cash Fee of 2% with a £2 minimum
Default charges Late payment charge £8


The representative APR quoted in this summary box is on the assumption that you are issued with one MasterCard Corporate Classic card. The APR calculation takes into account the annual card fee noted under ‘Fees’ for one card of that type. 

APR stands for 'annual percentage rate'.  It aims to give people a more accurate idea of how much they are being charged when they borrow money.  It allows people to compare the total cost of borrowing money for different types of loan and lengths of time.


  • Statement balances must be settled in full by Direct Debit Mandate by the Payment Due Date which is five business days after the statement date.
  • Additional cards are available on request.
  • Security may be required.


Whether we provide credit depends on your circumstances, and you must be 18 or over. Lending terms and conditions apply.​
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