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We understand that every business is unique and needs a range of finance products to suit their individual business requirements. 

We also know that keeping your business operations flexible requires products that are just as adaptable.

The table below lists some of the features of the various products provided by Danske Bank Asset Finance. Whatever your requirements, contact our Specialist Sales team, who can help you tailor an asset finance solution that best suits your business.

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ProductsHire PurchaseLeasingContract Hire
Interest allowable against taxYes
Writing down allowancesYes
Eventual ownershipYes
No depreciation risk (except for excess mileage)Yes
Potential off balance sheet with borrowing / gearing ratio unaffectedYes
No vehicle disposal problemsYes
Rentals allowable against tax (some restrictions on cars)YesYes
Reduced Capital outlayYesYesYes
Reduced administration costsYes
Interest rate fixedYesYesYes
Fixed repayments / rentals (subject to change in VAT)YesYesYes
Cash flow benefitsYesYesYes
Simple budgetingYesYesYes
Fixed maintenance costsYes (optional)
Emergency service coverYes (optional)
Road fund licence renewalYes
Replacement vehicle (mechanical breakdown)Yes (optional)
No VAT on repaymentsYes
VAT on rentals normally recoverable (50% restriction on cars with private use)YesYes
VAT on maintenance 100% reclaimableYes
Resale surplus may be credited as a rental rebateYes
  • You must be 18 or over.  Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply.
  • Tax treatments in accordance with current Statements of Accounting Practice.  The VAT and the other tax restrictions described apply to new cars and some used cars.  The restrictions do not apply to commercial vehicles.
  • You should ask your accountant to advise you on the various tax implications for your business regarding any of the options shown above as these may vary depending on your own business circumstances.

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