Cash Management Services

Our Cash Management services allow you to manage your business's cash flow from one online system - Business eBanking. With the Account Information, Payments and File transfer modules, you can easily take care of your business's basic day to day Cash Management.

You can optimise your business's cash flow and manage liquidity efficiently with the Account Information, Payments and File Transfer modules.

Access to Account Information
The Account Information module gives you 24/7 access to your business's account balances and transactions for up to the last 12 months.

An easy and efficient payment process
With the Payments module, you can make local payments and international foreign payments. You can choose to input the payment details online or send us a file and let us take care of the rest. 

Transfers to or from accounts in the Danske Bank Group can be made without losing out on interest (same value date). Transfers made to and from your accounts, within the Danske Bank Group, are free of charge.

If you make lots of payments in another currency, for example Euros, we can arrange for you to have access to the local clearing system in the countries that Danske Bank Group operates.

Reuse the data in your accounting system
With the File Transfer module, you can transfer files between your business and the Bank, for example when submitting multiple payments simultaneously or when reconciling accounts receivable in your accounting system. This allows you to reuse the data in the files and automate reconciliation and bookkeeping procedures. You also save time by avoiding data entry errors.

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