Liquidity Management

Would you like the convenience of a real time overview of your group's liquidity in one simple screen? The Liquidity Management module in Business eBanking can make this happen. You can view your group’s local and international aggregate liquidity in one account, regardless of currency, and your internal interest rates and lines of credit.


If your group has liquidity and interest rate management solutions with us or any Bank in the Danske Bank Group, such as Cash Pool or Multi-currency Interest Netting solutions, you will benefit from the Liquidity Management module in Business eBanking.

One point of entry to the business's liquidity management
The Liquidity Management module in Business eBanking gives you a real-time overview of your liquidity position in most currencies and across borders. You can view the individual and and intra-group net balances of your accounts with us and any other Bank in the Danske Bank Group.

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