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Document checklist
Drafts/bills of exchange

Are the drafts drawn on the party stipulated in the documentary credit (drafts drawn on Danske Bank do not need to be presented)?

Is the amount correct (usually the invoice amount)?

Do the drafts contain the company stamp, and have they been signed?

Do the drafts show the correct payment date?

1. If payment is to be made immediately: "at sight"

2. For example “90 days after sight”

3. The actual maturity date

4. If the draft is payable 90 days after the date of dispatch: the maturity date followed by "XX days after B/L date" or "90 days from date" (assuming the date of the draft is the same as the date of the transport document or on-board notification). A date of dispatch should be quoted.


Does the invoice have the correct title (Invoice/Commercial Invoice)?

Is the invoice issued by the beneficiary (exporter), to the applicant (importer), with names and addresses as shown in the documentary credit?

Is the description of goods stated exactly as in the documentary credit?

Do the quantity, unit price and total amount agree with the documentary credit?

Have all the required statements been included?

Has the invoice been signed - if required?

Are all the delivery terms, weight, marks etc. shown, and do these agree with the same information in other documents?

Have any corrections or additions been verified by the issuer of the document and - if legalised or certified - by the relevant parties?

Do any separately stated freight and insurance charges agree with those stated in the respective documents?

Remember that only the goods or charges mentioned in the documentary credit may be invoiced.

Bill of lading

Is "consignee" filled out correctly, e.g. to order?

Remember to endorse all originals if the bill of lading is issued to order or to shipper's order (if you are shown as shipper)

Are the fields "shipper" and "notify" correctly filled out?

Are the place of shipment and destination as required?

If a full set is required, you must present all the originals

Is it clearly shown whether freight is paid or must be paid?

Does the bill of lading show whether the goods have been loaded on board?

Have the goods been shipped by the latest date for shipment?

Is the bill of lading correctly signed?

Air waybill

Are "shipper", "consignee" and "notify" (if required) correctly stated?

Are the place of dispatch and destination as stipulated?

Is the sender's copy of the air waybill being presented (often called “original 3 for shipper”)?

Is it clearly shown whether freight is paid or must be paid?

Does the air waybill show flight no. and flight date - if required?

Have the goods been shipped by the latest date for shipment?

Is the air waybill correctly signed?


Are "shipper", "consignee" and "notify" (if required) correctly stated?

Are the place of dispatch and destination as stipulated?

Are the transporter's name and address shown in field 16?

Is the waybill signed and stamped in original by the transporter?

Have the goods been shipped by the latest date for shipment?

Is it the sender's copy (usually pink) that is presented?

Is the truck's registration number shown, if required?


Is the title of the document correct? (if a policy is required, the document must be titled policy. If a certificate is required, you may choose to present either a certificate or a policy.)

Has the insurance been taken out in the correct currency?

Does the front page of the document clearly show the required cover?

Is the document issued in the required number of originals (according to the documentary credit and the insurance document itself)?

Is the document issued as stipulated, e.g. to order. And if it is issued to your order, have you endorsed it?

Is it noted "Premium paid" - if required?

Are any corrections correctly verified?

Is it issued in due time?

Are the original copies (including duplicate) signed in original?

Packing list

Is it issued in the required number of copies?

Do the statements match other documents?

Does the packing list contain the information stipulated in the documentary credit?

If your customer needs a more detailed packing list than the documentary credit requires, we recommend that you make out two packing lists and send the detailed one directly to your customer

Certificate of origin

Is it issued by the correct company or organisation?

Is the document legalised - if required?

Are any corrections verified by the issuer and - if legalised or certified - by the relevant parties?

Is it issued in the correct number of copies?

Do the contents match the other documents?

Certificates and declarations

Is the document issued and signed by the party required in the documentary credit - not by their agent or others?

Are the contents of the document as required in the documentary credit?


There is a time limit of 21 days from shipment for the presentation of documents, unless otherwise stated - but no later than by the documentary credit's expiry date.

Remember to present documents as early as possible to enable you to correct any mistakes in your documents. You should take special care with this if the documentary credit expires abroad.

Avoid unnecessary details in your documents to minimise the risk of mistakes.

Legalising documents

When legalising is required, you must be sure that the embassy or consulate is located where the documentary credit requires the documents to be legalised.

Can you comply with any requirement for a special form?

Can or will any third party comply with the requirements for endorsement of the documents or the issue of certificates or declarations?

Are the names of third parties - and the titles of their documents - shown as in the documentary credit?

Be sure to start the legalisation process well in advance. It may take several days to have documents legalised at an embassy or a consulate.

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