Why use Export Financing?

Export financing is a key competitive advantage for exporters. There are several benefits for both importers and exporters in having Danske Bank handle and finance the transaction.
Advantages for the exporter

  • Finance can be offered to prospective buyers.
  • Cash payment received upon shipment or commissioning.
  • Does not tie up assets.
  • Credit, currency and interest-rate risks may be avoided in the settlement period.
  • Administrative resources are not required to collect the debt.


Advantages for the importer

  • Long-term financing can be used to match expected revenues with expenditure, making cash flow more efficient.
  • Financing can be secured that can be less expensive than local financing, which is often subject to restrictions.
  • Using export credit programmes that make financing available at more favourable rates.
  • Fixed rate financing can be obtained so you can be certain of the size of future payments.
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