Applying is easy - remember:


We recommend that you read the overview, details and prices for this account. For your own benefit and protection, you should also read our terms and conditions carefully before proceeding. These are the standard terms and conditions we plan to rely on. If you do not understand any point, please contact us.

Important - Your personal information
Credit decisions and preventing fraud and money laundering
I understand that you may use credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies to help you make decisions. A short guide to what you do, and how both you and credit reference and fraud prevention agencies will use my information, is set out in How we use your personal information and the Guide to credit reference agencies.

By proceeding with this application I accept that you may each use my information in this way. If I am an existing Danske Bank customer in the UK, I also accept that you may each use my information in this way for any existing credit facilities that I have with you.

If you wish to change your existing Danske joint account to the new account, this is not currently available online. Please contact us on 0800 66 00 33 or chat to us online and we will be able to help.