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You can use eBanking to make all your payments in a smooth and efficient way - 24 hours a day. This can make your life easier and give you more freedom, especially if you set up regular payments such as standing orders.

Why not spend your time on things that really matter instead of running to your branch to make payments? You will need the sort code and account number of the person you are paying and sometimes you will also need a reference.

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Possibilities with eBanking payments

  • Pay your bills yourself by creating a one off payment
  • Set up a 'regular transfer' to make repeat payments
  • Make foreign payments (fees and service charges may apply)

If you set up a future dated payment through eBanking we allow you up until 2.00pm to pay cleared funds into your account on the day the payment is due to be made. After this time, the payment will not be made.

You will not be charged any fees or service charges in relation to this payment.

If you register for our Subscription Services, you can choose to receive an email or text notification when there are insufficient funds in your account to cover a future dated payment due to be paid that day.

You can also access real time information on your accounts through Danske Text Service. ​​​​

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Foreign payments
Danske Bank offers a range of options for foreign payments.

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