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If you want to transfer funds to a payee abroad, eBanking is an easy solution. Alternatively you can do this via your branch, however a higher fee will be charged.

Sending money abroad can be easy if​ you do it yourself through eBanking.
You can make your payments 24 hours a day if you use eBanking.

You decide how charges are split between yourself and the payee. However for outgoing foreign payments made to EEA countries in an EEA currency where there is no conversion you must choose ‘SHA’ and where there is conversion you can choose ‘SHA’ or ‘OUR’.
Charges will be minimal for the beneficiary if your payment meets the criteria for EEA currency payments to EEA countries. 
- Payment must be a Standard transfer
- BIC/SWIFT code
- Each party pays own bank costs (SHA)

How long does it take?
View our payment table for transfer processing times.

Prices and conditions

Prices are listed in the Fees and service charges explained – foreign payments


* This service may be temporarily unavailable during periods of routine maintenance​​

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Domestic payments
Danske Bank offers a range of options for domestic payments.

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