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Always make sure that details are correct and complete
The easiest and cheapest way to make a foreign payment is to set it up through eBanking. If you prefer you can fill in a form at your branch. Please make sure that the details are correct and that you sign the form. In line with international practice, foreign payments cannot be cancelled.

We will decide which method to use to complete your foreign payment
We will decide which method to use to complete your foreign payment, depending on the destination country, the information provided about the payee, etc.

Foreign payments cannot be cancelled
In line with international practice, you cannot cancel foreign payments. However if you have made a payment via Danske eBanking and have made an error, initially you should contact the payee and ask for the payment to be returned. If however it has been sent to the wrong account number for example, we can try to cancel the payment.

Insufficient funds in your account
If there is not enough money in your account for a foreign payment, we will wait for three banking days. Unless you pay extra funds into the account during this period, we will not complete the payment, and you will be notified by mail and charged a fee. If the payment was set up in eBanking, the payment will appear as rejected in the list of payments​

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