Unarranged Overdraft Alerts FAQs

Unarranged Overdraft Alerts FAQs

What are cleared funds?

The term 'cleared funds' means money in your account that is available for withdrawal. The quickest way to increase the money in your account that is available for immediate withdrawal is to transfer money from another account through eBanking, mobile or tablet banking, or pay in cash at a branch.

How can I opt out of receiving a unarranged overdraft alert?

You can stop the alerts by texting STOPALERT to 50350 for a UK registered mobile or 50950 for ROI registered mobiles when you receive an alert. Alternatively, please speak to a member of staff in a branch, call us on 0345 600 2882 or send us an ebanking secure email and we will cancel the alerts for you.

How can I opt in to receive an unarranged overdraft alert if I have previously opted out?

Please speak to a member of staff in a branch, call us on 0345 600 2882 or send us an ebanking secure email and we will set up for this service.

What are the benefits of receiving an unarranged overdraft alert?

This alert puts you in control of your account and provides information to help you avoid unarranged overdraft charges.

How is the amount to be lodged calculated?

This is calculated using the balance at start of day plus any direct debits, standing orders, cheques, card transactions and fees and interest due to be booked on that day. Not all of these transactions appear in the accounts available balance (standing orders, cheques presented in a Danske Bank branch, pay at pump card transactions) and therefore the amount to be lodged may appear to be different to the available balance showing for the account.

I received an alert which stated 14:00 as the time I should lodge funds and then the next day I received a text stating 20:00. Why are these times different?

The cut-off time quoted in the alert depends on the type of transaction involved. If multiple transactions have been received, the cut-off time you are given to lodge funds will be based on the earliest cut-off time for one of these transactions. Here's a guide to the cut-off times you may see in your message:

  • Image Clearing System Cheques - “14:00 today”
  • Direct Debit - “15:30 today”
  • Standing Order - “20:00 today”
  • Cheques – “15:30 today”
  • Card transactions - “midnight tonight” (except on the last business day of the month when the time will be “15:30 today”)
  • Fees and Interest - “midnight tonight” (except on the last business day of the month when the time will be “15:30 today”).
Why is a cheque presented yesterday included in today's alert?

Cheques presented over the counter in a Danske Bank branch are included in the alert sent the next day. The alert that is sent states “to avoid further unarranged overdraft charges.” This is to allow for the fact that charges will have already been incurred the day the cheque was presented.

Is there a fee for the Unarranged Overdraft Alerts Service?

We do not charge a fee for this service.

When are alerts sent?

Unarranged overdraft alerts are sent between 8.15am and 10am on Mondays to Fridays excluding Bank Holidays.

What if I don’t receive the alert due to no coverage or the phone being switched off.

Your mobile provider is responsible for the network coverage. You should keep your phone switched on each morning to ensure you receive any unarranged overdraft alerts. In these cases a refund of fees incurred will not be provided.

I have recently lodged a cheque into my account which I expected to cover transactions but I have received an Unarranged overdraft alert this morning.

This is because the cheque has not cleared yet. It can take up to 4 business working days for a cheque to clear after it has been lodged. To cover your transactions you should lodge cash or transfer the funds electronically as soon as possible. These funds will clear immediately.

Important Information

  • Whether we provide credit depends on your circumstances, and you must be 18 or over. Lending terms and conditions apply.
  • Arranged overdrafts are repayable on demand. This means you will have to repay the overdraft in full when asked to do so. You may need to provide security for overdrafts.
  • eBanking, Mobile Banking, Tablet Banking and the Danske Text Service may be temporarily unavailable when we are carrying out routine maintenance.
  • You must be registered for and logged into eBanking using your Access ID to be able to use Danske Mobile Bank and Danske Tablet Bank Apps. Danske Mobile Bank App is available on iOS and Android devices and Windows Phones. Danske Tablet Bank App is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Call charges may vary. Please contact your phone company for details.

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