What are IBAN and SWIFT?

IBAN is an extension of your existing account number that you can use when making international payments. IBAN gives you a greater degree of assurance that incoming and outgoing payments are effected as quickly as possible through the banking systems. The reason is that IBAN has a uniform structure all over the world. We recommend that you use IBAN, but it is not a requirement.

Where do I find IBAN for my own account?

You will find your IBAN number in eBanking under the terms of the individual account and also on your bank account statements.

What is SWIFT/BIC and where do I find Danske Bank’s SWIFT address?

SWIFT/BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is an international standard for identifying a bank.
Danske Bank’s SWIFT is: DABAGB2B. You will benefit from using IBAN and SWIFT for international payments. Since there is no manual handling, transaction costs are reduced.

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