In this section, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning Statement Folder.
1. What is Statement Folder?
If you close a personal current account, we will provide each account owner with access to five years' transaction history for the account. If you close a business current account, we will provide the transaction history to the person with authority to close this account. This will be available in a secure electronic Statement Folder, which you can access via our website.
2. What will be included in my transaction history?
It includes account statements and any transactions detailed on supplementary listings.
3. What do I need to access my Statement Folder?
You will be sent an introductory letter which will include your customer number and  2 days later you will receive a temporary PIN, both of which you will input to give you access.
4. Will I be given my Customer Number and PIN for Statement Folder on the same day I close my account?
No. You will receive your Customer Number via post first and your PIN should follow 2 days later via post.
5. Is there a fee to access Statement Folder?
We do not charge a fee for this service.
6. Why are you providing this service?
It is a Competition and Markets Authority requirement across most banks to provide transaction history. It is intended to remove barriers to account switching by reducing the risk of switching as Transaction History may be required as part of later applications.
7. Must I take a Statement Folder when I close my account?
No, if you close your account in branch then you will given the option to opt out. If your account is closed any other way, the statement folder will be opened for you automatically and it is up to you to use it if and when you want to
8. When I receive my customer number and PIN how quickly should I log on to Statement Folder?
The PIN we send you will be valid for 60 days. The first time you log on you will be required to change this PIN to one of your choice. If you do not log on to Statement Folder within 60 days of receiving your temporary PIN, you will lose access to Statement Folder and you will have to contact us to request a new temporary PIN.
9. I don't have access to a computer - can I receive my transaction history in another format?
In exceptional circumstances, we can provide a paper copy of your transaction history, which you can collect from a Danske Bank branch.  Braille and large print formats are also available.
10. How far back will the transaction history in Statement Folder go?
You will be able to see transactions for up to five years before the date the account was closed.
11. If the account I'm closing is a joint account will both parties be able to access Statement Folder?
Yes, each party will receive their own log in details for Statement Folder.
12. If I opt out of receiving my transaction history when I close my account, am I able to change my mind later and request it?
Yes, however you must request this within five years from the date your account was closed. Depending on the time period that has lapsed since your account has closed, you may not receive the full 5 years' transaction history of your account. Your transaction history will be provided in paper format and you can collect this from a Danske Bank branch.
13. I've just closed my current and savings accounts. Will I be able to see the transaction history for both accounts in my Statement Folder?
No, only transaction history for personal current accounts and business current accounts will be displayed in your Statement Folder.
14. How long will I have access to my Statement Folder?
You will be able to access Statement Folder for five years after your account was closed.
15. If I close a current account but continue to hold other accounts with Danske Bank, will I still be offered access to Statement Folder?
Yes, you will be able to opt in for Statement Folder when you close any eligible account, regardless of other accounts held with us.
16.  If I close a current account in January and get access to Statement Folder and then close another current account in June, will I have 2 Statement Folders?
No. If you already have a Statement Folder, any transaction history for additional account closures will be accessible in your existing Statement Folder.
17. I recently switched my current account from Danske Bank to another financial institution and the switching confirmation letter I received refers to a Statement Folder. I did not sign up for this and do not want to use it. Can I cancel my access?
If you switch your personal or business current account to another financial institution we will provide you with the log on details for Statement Folder, but you are not obliged to access this service. If you do not log on to Statement Folder within 60 days of receiving your temporary PIN, you will automatically lose access to Statement Folder.
18. I'm a business owner.  Is there any advice about employee access to the business account Statement Folder?
If an employee with access to the Statement Folder hands in their notice, you should obtain the log on details from them.
19. I have received the login details but the PIN doesn’t work?
The PIN we send you will be valid for 60 days. If you are logging on after this period, you will need to order a new temporary PIN.
20. How do I request a new temporary PIN?
Call us on 0345 600 2882 or speak to a member of staff.
21. How do I find my customer number for the log on screen?
Call us on 0345 600 2882 or speak to a member of staff.
0345 6002 882

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