E-mail is the channel most used by hackers to spread harmful viruses or attempt to get personal data from you (also known as phishing). E-mails may contain attached files with malware or links to websites and programs that try to exploit vulnerabilities on your computer.

How to spot harmful e-mails
Harmful e-mails may come from both known and unknown senders. You should be aware of e-mails that

  • are not addressed to you personally
  • have a peculiar subject or are written in a foreign language
  • use poor language, such as spelling mistakes
  • encourage you to download a program to prevent a virus attack, for example
  • encourage you to supply confidential information, such as card information or passwords
  • ask you to forward the e-mail to your contacts
  • show an unknown e-mail address or sender
  • appear to come from a trusted sender, such as a well-known bank or credit card issuer, Microsoft, Google or the like
  • promise you money or threaten to close down your account unless you dislose your social security number, codes for your eBanking solution or credit card information 

If you receive a suspicious e-mail, you should

  • delete it immediately without opening it
  • avoid downloading programs, giving confidential information or forwarding the e-mail
  • scan your computer using an updated virus program if you suspect that you have been the target of a virus attack

If you need to send confidential information to Danske Bank, we recommend that you use the secure channels we provide, that is, the contact functions on our website, or in your eBanking, mobile banking or tablet banking solution.

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