Personal data

Never disclose your personal data, including your social security number, account and card numbers and passwords, to anyone. If you do, you may become the target of identity theft, that is, unauthorised persons using your personal data to buy goods on the Internet, for example.

Safe use of your personal data

  • Never disclose personal data over the phone or by e-mail – not even if it looks as if you are disclosing it to someone you know or feel that you can trust.
  • Only disclose your personal data on websites you trust and that use an encrypted line. A line is encrypted if the browser line starts with “https” (rather than “http”) or if there is a special icon in the browser line (could be a padlock or a green mark).  
  • If you must supply personal data in an e-mail, it is important that you send an encrypted e-mail. The help function for your e-mail program will tell you how to send encrypted e-mails.
  • Protect your computer with a password to prevent unauthorised access.

Should I supply information to Danske Bank by e-mail or phone?
Danske Bank will never send you an unsolicited e-mail asking for confidential information.

If you need to e-mail us, we recommend that you use the secure channels we provide, that is, the contact functions on our website, or in your eBanking, mobile banking or tablet banking solution.

If we phone you asking for confidential information, we will ask you a number of security questions that only you can answer to confirm your identity.


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