How we protect you

It is safe to use eBanking. We provide self-service solutions with a very high level of security.

Compliance with our three general security principles provides a level of security that meets the highest standards.

The eBanking security system is based on three general security principles.

  • No unauthorised person can gain access to your personal data through eBanking. This is because of the way we identify and transmit data. 
  • No unauthorised person can read data transmitted between your browser and the bank. We protect your data using SSL encryption.
  • Data cannot be altered during transmission between your browser and the bank. Only you can carry out account transfers and similar transactions. Our system is based on the principle that financially binding transactions are verified electronically.

    Access ID
    eBanking offers Access ID as its security system. The systems protect communications by SSL encryption and a control device. This ensures that:
    • you can see that you are communicating with the bank
    • the bank can identify you before transmitting confidential information
    • unauthorised persons cannot access your communications

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Access ID
Access ID is a security solution that consists of an eight digit User ID, a password (this is a 4 digit PIN) and a security card.

Access ID

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