Operational status

You can see the operational updates here. Operational status is updated during Customer Support's hours of operation.

Operational status

Normal Service

Recent changes in logon procedure
We have recently introduced new logon methods and this has changed the logon procedure.
Please make sure you are using the correct security solution when logging in.

Please be aware that fraudsters are currently targeting some customers by phoning them and pretending to be from the support team of a telecoms company. The fraudsters are saying that your internet service has been compromised and that your ebanking service is at risk. They then convince you to share your computer remotely with them and to log on to your eBanking by either telling them all your passwords or entering them on the screen when prompted to do so.
A telecoms company would never ask you to log-on to eBanking while remotely sharing your computer and you should not do so if requested. Please contact us on 03456031534 to report any such calls or if you have any concerns regarding your account with us.

Operational status is updated during Support Direct hours of operation.

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